An untold perspective on adoption:

My name is Molly Schmiesing. I was among the first wave of adopted children when China first opened it’s borders. I had the opportunity to return to China and lived there for a time with my husband, Michael.

So many friends and families ask questions about what it was like “growing up adopted”. Fellow adoptees ask, “What was it like to go back to China?” Adoptive parents have the most questions, “Do you like being adopted?” “What social and emotional differences did you have as an adopted child?”

My perspective changes and forms as I grow older but the short answer to their questions is that, “it’s complicated”.

One lesson that I learned in China was that the actual adoption process is the easy part. This may sound obvious, but the difficult part is growing up as an adopted child or raising one. Yes, there are social and emotional differences as an adoptee. There are many questions that arise at one time or another about your origins. And no adopted child is exactly alike.

These are things that I’ve been able to think about as a Chinese adoptee who has both reached adulthood and was able to live in her birth country.

I hope to offer a unique perspective on adoption in general, Chinese culture, language, travel, and cooking, etc., and to share my personal experience with an element of humor, an introspective look, and an open mind and heart.